LuGreg Trucking LLC dedicates itself to improving our processes and customer service through technology. As technology continues to grow it allows us to continually upgrade and add new technologies to our fleet and company as they arise. We are striving to embrace technology and the all the benefits it can offer to continue to be the “Best in Class.”


LuGreg Trucking, LLC continues to devote resources to our dispatching operations to provide a full complement of services to our trucking operations. Our dispatch operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a state of the art facility at our corporate office in Kingfisher, OK. Some of the dispatching resources include:


This allows the dispatch to check status on all their equipment and to give approximate times of when trucks should be arriving from job to job. It reports speed summaries of our vehicles based on the boundaries the office allows them to operate at. The GPS also allows us to verify that our equipment has arrived and departed from locations as specified. On our new equipment, we have begun to install PTO-monitoring devices that allow us to monitor when the PTO is engaged or disengaged, and we also have the ability to remotely access the ECM on our equipment to review any errors being produced which help with our maintenance program.

Dispatching Software

Dispatch can streamline the work and better organize and prioritize the work coming in and going out on a day to day basis. It allows for better planning and a better service to our customer. Our dispatch personnel can monitor all work performed, by our equipment, from a centralized location, in addition to a yard by yard location.


LuGreg Trucking, LLC utilizes an accounting software system that allows us to integrate, via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), to several of our customer's systems, reducing the time of data input for our customers. LuGreg Trucking, LLC is also capable of supplying predetermined data collection to those customers needing additional information for work performed.